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Crypto forensic software provider

Company Scorechain


Scorechain offers risk management and AML compliance solutions in the cryptocurrency sector. The company specializes in serving cryptocurrency businesses and traditional financial institutions, providing tools for monitoring cryptocurrency assets and assessing risks.

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Company OpenSanctions


OpenSanctions OpenSanctions delivers comprehensive solutions for identifying individuals and organizations subject to sanctions or requiring additional scrutiny. The company provides access to an extensive database integrating information from over 80 global sources. Their services are ideally suited for analysts and companies aiming to comply with regulatory requirements, manage risks, and conduct thorough vetting.

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Company ZignSec


ZignSec offers a platform for verifying identities and businesses, providing key functionalities to prevent fraud and comply with regulatory standards. The company's solutions simplify the customer onboarding process and monitoring, enhancing trust and improving user interaction. ZignSec's technologies include advanced documentary and biometric verification methods to ensure security and reliability.

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International Payments

Company FAS finance company


FAS finance company provides fast and economical international payment solutions, offering reliable and transparent money transfer services. Specializing in SEPA payments and multi-currency transfers, they provide convenient and secure financial services for freelancers and small businesses. With strict adherence to regulatory standards, FAS Finance company ensures a high level of security and reliability in all transactions.

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Cryptocurrency Payments

Company Sminti


Sminti is a cryptocurrency company offering services for buying, selling, and processing cryptocurrency payments. It facilitates rapid transaction processing, allowing clients to easily fund their accounts and withdraw funds. Sminti maintains high security standards and complies with EU regulation, offering reliable and transparent services in the cryptocurrency sector.

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