Financial licenses for your business

Financial licenses for your business

Payment Institution, Small Payment Institution, Electronic Money Institution, Small Electronic Money Institution, free consultation, years of experience, extensive network of partners.

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Specialists at FTX Consult will provide you with a free consultation where they will answer your questions and offer the optimal strategy for obtaining the license.

Our specialists combine knowledge and experience in obtaining financial licenses, ensuring reliable support for your project at every stage.

Thanks to the FTX Consult partner network, we expand your opportunities by providing access to unique tools for successful licensing.

Each of these licenses has its own advantages:

Payment Institution
  • Expansion of the range of payment services
  • Access to a wide market of clients
  • Increased trust from clients and partners
Small Payment Institution
  • Ability to operate with lower regulatory requirements
  • Low startup and operational costs
  • Simplified process for entering the payment services market
Electronic Money Institution
  • Exclusive right to issue and circulate electronic money
  • Development of innovative payment and financial products
  • Access to an expanded customer base in the EU and beyond
Small Electronic Money Institution
  • Low initial capital requirements
  • Simplified access to the electronic money market
  • Ability to test products and services with scalability perspective

Steps to obtain a Financial license


Analysis of the company's business model and structure to determine the optimal licensing jurisdiction.

Document preparation

Developing comprehensive documentation, including business and financial plans, as well as internal policies.

Establishment of a legal entity

Registration of the legal entity, and recruitment of personnel who meet the regulator's criteria.

Application submission

Filing the application and maintaining subsequent communication with the regulator, document review.


Advising at the start of operations, preparing for audits.

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Why Choose FTX Consult

Thanks to our experience and partner network, we assist clients in achieving their desired outcomes. FTX Consult has a successful track record of obtaining financial licenses in various jurisdictions, including the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Canada, Poland, the Netherlands, and Liechtenstein.

Our activities are focused on delivering specific results for our clients. We invite you to benefit from the expertise of our qualified specialists.

FTX Consult

Our team analyzes every aspect to identify the most suitable options and meticulously examines all possible alternatives, aiming to find the perfect solution.

At FTX Consult, our objective is to act not just as advisors but as a trusted partner through every phase of your business growth. Our scope of services extends from legal company formation to deploying specialized software and offering expert advice in AML compliance. We aim to enable you to concentrate on the critical elements of your company's development.


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