Business account in the EU

Business account in the EU

Account opening within 14 days, assistance at every stage of onboarding, no need for personal presence, free consultation on selecting a payment institution.

FTX Сonsult
will find the best solution for you and open a business account.

FTX Consult specialists will ensure prompt opening of your corporate account, reducing the procedure to 2 weeks, allowing you to start managing your funds in the shortest possible time. 

FTX Consult provides full support and assistance at all stages of the account opening process. This means you will always receive help in resolving any questions that arise.

We offer the possibility of arranging all necessary documents and procedures remotely, saving your time.

Before proceeding with the account opening, FTX Consult specialists conduct a free consultation to choose the optimal payment institution based on your business model and specific requirements.

What to consider choosing the suitable payment institution

Business sector

Ensure the payment institution supports your business sector.

Founder's nationality

Different payment institutions have different requirements for the founder's nationality.

Beneficiary's nationality

The beneficiary's nationality must be considered when choosing.

Business activity geography

The geography of business activities plays an important role in the choice.

Transaction geography

The payment institution should support your transaction geography.

Planned turnovers

The choice of payment institution should match the volume of your planned turnovers.

Get an IBAN for international transfers

FTX Consult

Our team analyzes every aspect to identify the most suitable options and meticulously examines all possible alternatives, aiming to find the perfect solution.

At FTX Consult, our objective is to act not just as advisors but as a trusted partner through every phase of your business growth. Our scope of services extends from legal company formation to deploying specialized software and offering expert advice in AML compliance. We aim to enable you to concentrate on the critical elements of your company's development.


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