Registration of an offshore company

Registration of an offshore company

Free consultation for selecting a suitable jurisdiction, company registration within 14 days, company registration with apostilled set of founding documents within 28 days, no personal presence required, nominee services available.

Our offshore with
FTX Consult

Specialists at FTX Consult will provide you with a free consultation to assist in selecting the most suitable offshore jurisdiction based on your business goals and requirements.

On average, company registration with our specialists takes just 14 days, allowing you to promptly proceed with the implementation of your business plans.

Within 28 days from the start of the project, FTX Consult specialists will provide you with an apostilled set of founding documents, ensuring complete legal readiness of your company for international operations.

The entire registration process is conducted remotely, saving your time and resources.

Maximize the protection of your personal information and business interests with FTX Consult by using our nominee service.

We offer comprehensive support from initial consultation to launching your business, ensuring an efficient and secure registration process. 

Why Choose FTX Consult

By turning to FTX Consult experts, you ensure a smooth and efficient formation process. Your personal presence is not required, as all communication with government bodies will be handled by our specialists. This way, you can optimize time and personnel expenses and achieve the desired result.

Steps of company formations


A consultation to determine the appropriate jurisdiction and legal structure for the company.

Choosing a company name

It is recommended to provide several options in case there is already a company with a similar name in the register.

Selecting a legal address

We offer both physical and virtual addresses.

Collecting necessary documents

We assist in gathering and preparing documents in accordance with the regulations of the chosen jurisdiction.

Filing documents

We handle the submission to government agencies.


Receiving the company registration number and incorporation documents.

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FTX Consult

Our team analyzes every aspect to identify the most suitable options and meticulously examines all possible alternatives, aiming to find the perfect solution.

At FTX Consult, our objective is to act not just as advisors but as a trusted partner through every phase of your business growth. Our scope of services extends from legal company formation to deploying specialized software and offering expert advice in AML compliance. We aim to enable you to concentrate on the critical elements of your company's development.


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