AML Consulting

AML Consulting

Development of AML policies, compliance audits, staff training, process control automation.

What offers
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As specialists with years of experience in developing AML policies, we guarantee the creation of a highly effective strategy tailored to the specific needs of your business, ensuring compliance with international standards for all operations while minimizing internal risks.

Professional audit will allow identifying potential vulnerabilities in the control system and prevent possible legal violations, serving as a guarantee of security and stability for your business before regulatory authorities.

Intensive training programs developed by our experts will deepen the knowledge of your team members about the best AML and KYC practices. Training contributes to the formation of a culture of compliance and enhances overall awareness among employees about methods to prevent financial crimes.

The integration of automated systems enhances data monitoring and processing, thereby reducing risks and increasing efficiency.

Main service areas

Development and implementation of AML policies

Creating and implementing detailed plans aimed at managing risks associated with income legalization and money laundering.

Training and professional development of personnel

Conducting seminars and workshops to develop staff skills in accordance with modern AML requirements.

Policy updates and maintenance

Monitoring legislative changes and updating internal policies and procedures to comply with current requirements.

Control process automation

Developing and implementing specialized software to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Consulting and support

Continuous consulting support and assistance in resolving issues related to AML requirements.

Regulatory Reporting Preparation

Assistance in compiling and submitting the necessary reports and documentation.

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FTX Consult

Our team analyzes every aspect to identify the most suitable options and meticulously examines all possible alternatives, aiming to find the perfect solution.

At FTX Consult, our objective is to act not just as advisors but as a trusted partner through every phase of your business growth. Our scope of services extends from legal company formation to deploying specialized software and offering expert advice in AML compliance. We aim to enable you to concentrate on the critical elements of your company's development.


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