Cryptocurrency license in the Czech Republic

Cryptocurrency license in the Czech Republic

Company registration and license acquisition within 3 weeks, free consultation answering all your questions, no personal presence required, 0% refusal cases by the regulator for license issuance, developed AML policies.

Obtaining cryptocurrency license in the Czech Republic provides your business with a range of advantages.

The freedom to conduct transactions worldwide within 1 minute
The opportunity to open your own cryptocurrency exchange
A reliable jurisdiction in the EU
Flexible regulation
Expanding the portfolio of services

What offers
FTX Сonsult

Specialists at FTX Consult will provide you with a free consultation where they will answer your questions and clarify all the nuances of obtaining a cryptocurrency license in the Czech Republic.

We value your time. All processes are organized to minimize your involvement and maximize efficiency.

Our experience and knowledge of local legislative peculiarities allow us to ensure license acquisition for every client, eliminating the risk of rejection.

The company registration and cryptocurrency license acquisition process typically takes no more than 3 weeks, allowing you to expedite market entry and outpace competitors.

You will have access to pre-developed and adapted AML policies tailored to legislative requirements, significantly speeding up the process of launching operations.

Our team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts boasts many years of successful practice, ensuring you reliable partnership and professional support.

Our services include


Company registration adhering to all jurisdictional requirements and norms.

Policy Developmen

Creating internal policies to ensure security and legislative compliance.

Blockchain Integration

Integrating blockchain technologies to guarantee business transparency and security.


Verification on cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure operational functionality.

SaaS Integration

Integrating SaaS software to automate key processes.

Cryptocurrency Company in the Czech Republic

Get your cryptocurrency license in just 3 weeks.

Why Choose FTX Consult

With our turnkey solution, you receive all the necessary tools for successful launching and growth in this promising industry.

To continue the dialogue and clarify all aspects of your inquiry, please contact us. We are ready to discuss the details and find the optimal solution.

FTX Consult

Our team analyzes every aspect to identify the most suitable options and meticulously examines all possible alternatives, aiming to find the perfect solution.

At FTX Consult, our objective is to act not just as advisors but as a trusted partner through every phase of your business growth. Our scope of services extends from legal company formation to deploying specialized software and offering expert advice in AML compliance. We aim to enable you to concentrate on the critical elements of your company's development.


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